Become A Beautiful Fairy This Halloween

All it takes is one of these beautiful fairy costumes for kids to make your Halloween extra special
Fairy costumes are not only for kids. There are also beautiful
women’s fairy costumes.

Fairies are beautiful magical beings that are characterized as female, whimsical, soft and good. Some fairies are considered to be dark. These dark fairies are responsible for mischief and magical disappearances. Dark fairies are considered to come from the same species of fairies, but for some reason decided to pursue power instead of peace. They are the balance  between good and bad.

Some claim fairies are angels because of their wings. While others find them as protectors and companions. They are mythological beings or legendary creatures portrayed as beautiful winged females. Fairies characterized

fairy costume

as having magical as well as angelic attributes. With such attributes it is hard to not to want to become a vision of beauty. It is this vision of beauty that attracts both both girls and women.

No matter what kind of Halloween party you attend, the fairy costume is sure to attract attention. With their bright, soft, colorful display these costumes are a treat for the the person who wears them and the person who views.

In the past it was very difficult to find a decent fairy costume. Retailers would only carry a handful and the quality was not very good. You generally had to alter the costume to make it fit right. Another problem with these older costumes, they were not made very strong. Most would be made from thin plastics or other materials that would easily break.

Costumes now a days and the costumes you will find here on this website, are made from durable materials. They fit well, looks nice and will hold up to many Halloweens. Add one of these costumes to your Halloween collection and you will be able to use it over and over again.

Fairy costumes come in many different styles, colors and sizes. They are in high demand and often times sell out during those weeks that lead up to Halloween. Fairy costumes are not just for kids anymore. They come in all sizes including children, woman’s and plus size costumes. Order now to not miss out on your favorite fairy costume.

Below are just a few of the beautiful fairy costumes that await you on the other side of this page. Happy Halloween!

Sugar Plum Fairy Toddler Costume. Consider this little fairy beauty. An adorable Sugar Plum Fairy is a vision in layers and shades of purple. Dress your toddler in glittering purple petals, cute green leaf booties, a flowering headpiece, and fairy wings.

Sugar Plum Fairy Costume

Dark Fairy Child Costume
An adorable dark fairy costume! This fairy costume is a perfect fit for Halloween. It mixes both the beauty of a fairy costume with a little bit of dark danger. Kids’ Costume includes a black sparkly top, a black tattered skirt, and tattered sparkly black wings.

dark fairy costume

True Blue Fairy (Light-Up) Adult Costume
A beautiful and sexy fair costume to make any Halloween enjoyable. Grant him the most sexiest wish with your pixie-dust-bespeckled making it a very “happily-ever-after” evening. The True Blue Fairy costume comes with a shimmer micro-fiber babydoll dress with luminescent organza layer skirt and unique fiber optic lights. A silver rope belt, matching headband, transparent wings and a light up wand are also included – proving once again that fairytales come true blue in this sparkling style!
True Blue Fairy Adult Costume

Tinker Bell Deluxe Adult Costume
There is a whimsical power of beauty that can only be held by the beautiful Tinkerbell! Flutter around your next Halloween party as this sweet and famous fairy. The Tinker Bell Deluxe Adult Costume includes: A shimmering green petal skirt dress with a tulle overlay and silver accents throughout this gorgeous dress. A pair of sheer nylon wings with a metallic pink trim and white sparkle accents is also included to complete this fabulous ensemble. Guaranteed to make you the belle of the ball this Halloween!
Tinkerbell Costume
Generations upon generations have told stories of fairies both good and bad. It is a wonder why these mythical creatures have captivated cultures throughout the world. Great stories from the likes of Walt Disney created the lure and beauty of the fairy. This beauty was captured in one of the most famous fairy films called “Peter Pan”. Films such as these have captured the hearts of both children and adults.

Parents often find fairy costumes to be a great choice for their little ones. It is a cute, safe and enjoyable costume that never loses it appeal.

With the amount of costume choices, you can be sure to find the right costume for you. Be sure to take a look at our, infant/toddler, girls, adult and plus size selections.