You can easily turn your backyard into a secret fairy garden where any fairy would feel right at home. No matter the size of your backyard, deck or second story deck, you can put these simple changes into place.

First off you want to assess the size of the area you want to change. For a condo that only has a second story deck or small back yard, you are going to want to scale down the size of the items. For a larger yard, you can go as big as you want. The size and kind of fairy you attract will all depend on the size of the items in your enchanted garden.

First off, fire up your imagination with a little help from a child; children see fairies on a regular basis. They could help you decide the best items to place in your secret garden. Read the rest of this entry

Fairies are magical in all ways. No one really knows when the first fairy and human interaction ever took place, yet some claim they originated from an enchanted dream. Fairies are good, gentle, positive creatures of the woods. Nature is their home.

What Do Fairies Like To Eat?

Natural foods are their main meal. They also enjoy fresh fruits picked right from the tree. Nuts and berries are a quick snack for them. They have a very strong sweet tooth that can only be satisfied with honey or food made of honey. It is not uncommon to see a fairy attracted to a tasty honey cake or sweet honey bread. If you want to attract a fairy leave a bit of honey in a bowl and set it outside your kitchen. A fairy will come. Yet they will not always eat the honey, they may just absorb its nourishment. Read the rest of this entry

Do fairies exist? This is a good question and one that has never really been answered. At one point in history, there were a few convincing photographs taken of a fairies, yet the photos was surrounded in controversy and never truly accepted as fact. Five photos in total were taken and although they were later found to be a hoax, people still believe in the photos as being authentic.

Fairies are supernatural creatures possessing magical powers. They are found in medieval literature and folklore. Fairies are common in both children storybooks and in European literature. Fairies look very similar to humans but are much smaller. Like witches they can cast spells, enchant a person and see into the future. Most fairies are good and keep to themselves. They can be a bit mischievous and indifferent to the ways of humans. Yet, do not cross a fairy. Fairies can have a bad side if provoked. Read the rest of this entry