Fairies are magical in all ways. No one really knows when the first fairy and human interaction ever took place, yet some claim they originated from an enchanted dream. Fairies are good, gentle, positive creatures of the woods. Nature is their home.

What Do Fairies Like To Eat?

Natural foods are their main meal. They also enjoy fresh fruits picked right from the tree. Nuts and berries are a quick snack for them. They have a very strong sweet tooth that can only be satisfied with honey or food made of honey. It is not uncommon to see a fairy attracted to a tasty honey cake or sweet honey bread. If you want to attract a fairy leave a bit of honey in a bowl and set it outside your kitchen. A fairy will come. Yet they will not always eat the honey, they may just absorb its nourishment.

The Best Way To Attract a Fairy?

  • Easy way to attract a fairy is to keep your home very clean.
  • Organize all the drawers and cabinets.
  • Dust all your furniture.
  • Keep your dishes clean.
  • Clothes should always smell fresh
  • Closets should be well organized and smelling good.

After a bit of time keeping your house clean, a fairy will come to bless it. They leave behind an abundance of luck and good health. Most fairies like to play games by removing an article from your home and then returning it a few days later. They like to watch you search for the item. Once they are bored with the game, they will return your item exactly where you left it. If you can’t find something in your home, then give it a few days and it will return.

Your garden is a palace for a fairy. Attract them by adding flowers and plants like Digitalis. These can be used for fairy clothes. Lilies are great for making hats. Don’t forget to add a few tulips for they can be used as a fairy bed or blankets.

Finally add a humming bird feeder. They will use humming birds to get around your garden quickly. You can often find them riding on the backs of humming birds. Grow plants and flowers that are colorful and bright. Things like twigs, leaves, branches, nuts etc. are all great ways to attract a fairy and make them feel at home. Once a fairy has found comfort in your home and surroundings, you can be sure they will return. To have a fairy as a lifetime friend is a blessing indeed.