Do fairies exist? This is a good question and one that has never really been answered. At one point in history, there were a few convincing photographs taken of a fairies, yet the photos was surrounded in controversy and never truly accepted as fact. Five photos in total were taken and although they were later found to be a hoax, people still believe in the photos as being authentic.

Fairies are supernatural creatures possessing magical powers. They are found in medieval literature and folklore. Fairies are common in both children storybooks and in European literature. Fairies look very similar to humans but are much smaller. Like witches they can cast spells, enchant a person and see into the future. Most fairies are good and keep to themselves. They can be a bit mischievous and indifferent to the ways of humans. Yet, do not cross a fairy. Fairies can have a bad side if provoked.

Children And Fairies

Of all the creatures of the earth unseen, fairies tend to show themselves to only children. It is within children that the belief in Fairies makes them a reality. It is not unheard of for a child to say they have seen a fairy or they are playing with fairies.

Adults And Fairies

When we become adults is when fairies no longer show themselves and are discounted as legends or myths. Yet do they really not exist? Or do we refuse to believe? We discount the movements in the shadows, the strange sounds in the night, the whispers in the wind and unexplained happenings.

Unexplained happenings lend some fact that there is something other than what we witness in our day to day lives. Could it be that fairies just respond only to those that believe? Maybe it takes a little bit of belief to see them as children so easily do.

It is easier to not believe in them than to believe. Documented sightings of fairies go all the way back to Roman and Greek times. Back then they were known as the little people, those without age, maidens of beauty, godmothers and blessed creatures. Fairies were the protectors of the forest and ruled over all the elements of the earth.

Dora Van Gelder, writer of the book, “The Real World of Fairies,” writes that fairies do exist, but they are magical creatures that cannot be seen by everyone. A deep internal awakening needs to happen before a person can see a fairy. Humans and fairies cannot exist in the world as we know it.

Although no one can truly prove fairies exist, they do provide an excellent escape from the stress of the world. It is always good to believe that there is something good and magical that is void of all the hate, war and evil in this world. Fairies bring us back to nature and the simpler things in life. They live in a world that has no need or want for material needs.  Nature is their world and home. The animals and children are their friends. To see them, maybe we need to become more acquainted with their world.