You can easily turn your backyard into a secret fairy garden where any fairy would feel right at home. No matter the size of your backyard, deck or second story deck, you can put these simple changes into place.

First off you want to assess the size of the area you want to change. For a condo that only has a second story deck or small back yard, you are going to want to scale down the size of the items. For a larger yard, you can go as big as you want. The size and kind of fairy you attract will all depend on the size of the items in your enchanted garden.

First off, fire up your imagination with a little help from a child; children see fairies on a regular basis. They could help you decide the best items to place in your secret garden.

Next it is time to name the garden. Without a proper name, your garden will not attract the little folk. How you decide on the perfect name? The only real way to pick the perfect name is to have a child name it for you.

Now it is time to layout your garden. Walk the garden and when you feel like stopping, that will be your sign to stop and make a special little secret path or leave some hidden gifts for your visiting fairies.

Now it is time to have some fun with adding items to your garden. Gnomes, mushrooms, sprites and elves are all good items to add to your garden. Place all these figures described above in groups throughout your garden. Do not let them sit alone. Grouping them provides a comfort zone for your magical friends.

Add a few bird feeders and fountains. A friendly enhanced tree is always welcome. Plants and bright flowers will add even more warmth and character.